Flock to Fedora!

August 15, 2015

View of Rochester, New York Photo copyright (c) Roc PX on flickr under CC BY-NC-SA

For the past three days (well, over two weeks ago now, but that was true when I started writing this post), I’ve had the pleasure of attending my very first Flock. Flock is the annual, official conference for Fedora developers, contributors, supporters, and enthusiasts, where you can attend a variety of talks, workshops, and hack sessions. This year’s event took place in wonderful Rochester, New York, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown.

The schedule was packed with a lot of great talks, both technical and otherwise, and there were quite a few that I would’ve liked to attend but couldn’t due to a conflicting timeslots. Not to mention, I completely missed the first day of the conference due to an unfortunately timed sickness. Luckily, full recordings of (most of) the talks have been posted to the Fedora YouTube channel for all to see (link to the playlist).

As an aside, I’d like to give a shout-out to the Fedora Engineering team at Red Hat, who managed to put together the funding to take me, the lowly intern (!), all the way to the other side of the country for this conference.

Some of my favorite talks (summaries taken from the schedule):

  • Keynote: Be an inspiration, not an imposter Major Hayden > The free flow of new ideas ignites the open source world every day. > Communities accomplish amazing things when people with unique voices and > viewpoints share their ideas and inspire others. However, impostor > syndrome – the inability to recognize your competence – can slow the > flow of new ideas and stifle the progress of open source communities. > Many technical people feel they lack the expertise to contribute or they > carry a fear of being wrong. These members of the community have valuable > ideas and insight that can make open source projects stronger. In this > talk, Major Hayden will lead the audience through a discussion of > impostor syndrome and its effects on individuals and their communities. > Attendees will learn how to overcome their own intimidation through > confidence and discipline while also learning how to inspire others to do > the same.

  • Talk: Remote 忍術 (Ninjutsu) Paul Frields > Want to be effective remotely? That doesn’t mean you work all the extra > hours not spent in a car. But with so much of the world out of one’s > control, and always moving quickly, how does one cope? Just like the > ninja, one must be a master of both oneself and one’s arsenal. It’s a > combination of focus, prioritization, tools, and awareness. This > presentation is about bringing these factors together to achieve an added > measure of enlightenment and success as a remote ninja.

  • Talk: Koschei - continuous integration for Fedora packages Mikolaj Izdebski > The traditional Fedora kernel talk. We’ll cover how we’re handling the > kernel, the current state of things in the distro, what’s new in the > upcoming release, and how you can help.

  • Talk: Fedora Server: past, present, and future Stephen Gallagher > Come join us for an overview of Fedora Server’s history, its current > functionality and a planning session for where to go over the next year.

  • Talk: Fedora kernel Josh Boyer > The traditional Fedora kernel talk. We’ll cover how we’re handling the > kernel, the current state of things in the distro, what’s new in the > upcoming release, and how you can help.

Attending Flock has been an awesome experience, and I’ve heard from some returning attendees that this was the most successful yet. The venue was great, and there were plenty of places to get together after-hours (Belgian food anyone?). Overall, it was definitely an experience that I would recommend.